Hey, guys if you are looking for the Lottery Sambad Result then this the right portal for you. Here we have given the Nagaland, West Bengal Lottery Result Live Result. If you have bought the lottery ticket then scroll down the page and check Today Lottery Sambad Live Result.

Lottery Sambad Result




09 July 2020

Dear Lottery Sambad Result

Here are three results in a day and which are – 11:55 AM, 04:00 PM, 08:00 PM. Lottery Sambad is very famous in the local market of West Bengal and Nagaland. A huge number of people daily buy Lottery tickets in the hope to become the winner. In the below section you can check Lottery Sambad 03 July 2020 live result. Just scroll the page and download the images of the Lottery.

Guys as we have already discussed that now it is very easy to check the Sambad Lottery Today Result with the help of this portal. All three important games result will available on this portal as per time to time. As you will scroll down the page below then there will be all the results.

You can also check the Lottery Sambad Result as a photo or you can also download the pdf file. The results make publish from the official authority then immediately you will find its update on the LotterySambad.Mobi. So keep visiting the portal for getting all the latest updates about the Lottery Results.

11:55 AM, 04:00 PM, 08:00 PDF

11:55 AMSoon Available
04:00 PMSoon Available
08:00 PMSoon Available

As we have given the pdf file to download you. Now you just need to click on download pdf option. After downloading the pdf file you can easily check that who is the winner for Today Lottery Result. You know that there are two particular states – West Bengal & Nagaland which are on the top. Even here are many other states also but these two are very popular in the Lottery Sambad.

What is Dear Lottery Sambad

Everybody must have listened to the name Lottery in their life, it is mostly used as Idioms. We can simply use the sentence as becoming rich from anyone. So here is the same thing but it is practical. Interested people buy the Lottery Ticket daily and after that, they have to verify its result.

And the day by day result will be uploaded in the above-given pdf file and the images. Here are the top three games; the first one is 11:55 AM (Morning Lottery), the second one is 04:00 PM (Evening Lottery) and the last one is 08:00 PM that is called (Night Lottery).

11:55 AM Name According Day

FridayDear Valuable
ThursdayDear Love
WednesdayDear Respect
TuesdayDear Admire
MondayDear Cherished
SundayDear Precious
SaturdayDear Treasure

04:00 PM Name According Day

FridayDear Damodar
ThursdayDear Ichamati
WednesdayDear Teesta
TuesdayDear Torsha
MondayDear  Raidak
SundayDear Bhagirathi
SaturdayDear Ajay

08:00 PM Name According Day

FridayDear Ostrich
ThursdayDear Hawk
WednesdayDear Flamingo
TuesdayDear Parrot
MondayDear Eagle
SundayDear Falcon
SaturdayDear Vulture

A Lottery is Legal or Not

Here is the contradiction condition regarding the legality of the Lottery. Some of the states have banned the Lottery system but in many states, it is played openly. Nagaland, West Bengal, Manipur, Sikkim, Maharashtra, Goa these states have opened the Lottery game.

So we can say that it is legal in the South and North East side of India. Lottery Sambad is a very popular game and millions of people have great hope from this if your Lottery number will be the same as the resulting number then you will be a millionaire. So this is the all-over system of a Lottery as legal or illegal.

Lottery Sambad Variants

Here are three popular variants that Lottery Sambad contains in its game. These games are West Bengal, Sikkim & Nagaland. All these are distributed as per the state-wise system. If you will go to West Bengal state then you will find that here all the Lottery is related to the Dear Lottery Sambad. Sikkim state open its own Lottery among the people. And in the case of Nagaland Lottery, you can check the morning game of 11:55 AM. Lottery Sambad newspaper also provides the beneficial and latest information so the regular customers must read them.

Today Lottery Sambad

A huge number of applicants who have purchased the Lottery waited for the Lottery result. Here we have given the live result update, so then you can easily download the result pdf. Most of the people prefer to check the result as an image. That is why here we have given the pdf file and also the image.

So you can use this platform as per you like to check it. Guys if you will find any type of discrepancies in checking the results then you should inform us. After it, our team will check this and soon give you the accurate information to you. Today Lottery Sambad all times result is very important for the players. So you can check all three times result of the 11:55 AM, 04:00 PM, 08:00 PM. If you have any query then feel free to ask via comment section.